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Replace saddle valve for water supply to furnace Humidifier?

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Humidifier is not getting any water.  Saddle valve for 1/4 inch copper water line to humidifier is open and copper pipe is not kinked, bent, twisted or otherwise distubed.  HVAC guy thinks that saddle valve has shifted and that I should remove old saddle valve, plug existing hole. and install new saddle valve.  He didn't fix it since it was a maintenence visit and he didn't have a saddle valve.      Should I install a new saddle valve to fix the problem?

How does one plug the existing hole?
asked in Plumbing by mikearosenbaum (120 points)
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1 Answer

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Hi Mike,
For the repair you can use a clamp with rubber padding which will seal the hole (something like this one - http://www.plumbingsupply.com/pipe-repair.html).
However, I would suggest to install a regular ¼ turn valve on that pipe. This would require cutting the pipe (wherever the existing hole is if possible), installing a “T” with a valve, something like on this picture - http://images.meredith.com/diy/images/2009/02/p_SCP_110_02.jpg (details are here - http://www.diyadvice.com/diy/plumbing/pipe/repair-copper/ ) Sorry, I have to run, a funeral to attend sad
answered by darekrudy (21,730 points)