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Rubbermaid Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Shed & Electrical Requirements

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We have installed a Rubbermaid heavy duty plastic storage shed 9' x 15' on top of crushed & compacted 3/4'' lime stone.  There are 5 cross members which are made of steel that sit on top of the plastic walls & no other metal parts.

My question is electrical related.

Can I use direct burial cable to provide power to the shed ?

Once in the shed I would like at least 1 maybe 2 lights on a switch & 1 power outlet.  Could I use plastic boxes & S.O. cord (extension cord) to power up the lights & outlet ?

It is just used for outside patio furniture and basic storage.

Thank you
asked in Electrical by mark-c (220 points)
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1 Answer

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Hi Mark,
Unfortunately I cannot answer your question. You'll need to consult it with a local building department and / or a local licensed electrician. Requirements for this type of installation may vary between jurisdictions and some may not even permit such installation. Some of the possible issues could be the location of your shed (proximity to the property line), lack of a permanent foundation, and a presence of the utility lines underground.
answered by darekrudy (21,730 points)