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Attic mold, 3 year old roof

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Roof totally replaced, incl. all plywood, 3 yrs ago;mold developing on plywood in attic-what next?

Is this something the roofing contractor is responsible to fix if the roof is still under warranty?  Was this a bad roofing installation?  Nothing is venting into the attic from the house.
asked in Attic Area by jjcempapa (120 points)
edited by darekrudy
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1 Answer

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Hi jjcempapa,
Difficult to say because I don’t know anything about your geographical location, previous roof, its ventilation / attic vents, changes to ventilation that came with the new roof installation (if any), insulation amount and type (sometimes it gets disturbed during new decking installation and clogs the soffit vents… if you have soffits and soffit vents). 
Mold location and its relation to whatever is below (bathrooms, kitchen, first floor, second floor…) is extremely important as well, particular area or entire attic?
As far as roof installation itself… well, you didn’t mention the roof type (wood, asphalt, tiles, metal, low slope, high pitch) and I can’t see the roof. I also don’t know what was your agreement with a roofer, did he evaluate your attic and calculated ventilation needs, check soffit vents for any obstructions, installed baffles (may be needed or not) etc… so without some detail description there is no way I can answer your question. 
You can go over this question and my answer - http://checkthishouse.com/qa/858/mold-in-attic-after-roof-replacement as well as some of my attic mold related posts in “Attic” category and process all of the possible attic mold causes that are listed in those articles:
answered by darekrudy (21,730 points)