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natural gas furnace draft pipe into chimney, no fans for exhaust

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Hello, right now our furnace is vented into the chimney, we want to remodel the kitchen and remove the chimney. Can I used two walled pipe and run it through the wall all the way above the roof? Currently I have a five inch pipe for the vent going to the chimney.

thanks phill
asked in Heating and AC by goldgrandpa (160 points)
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1 Answer

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Hi GoldGrandpa,
Yes, you can run the furnace vent pipe through the wall and up above the roof. You just have to make sure that the interior connector section and the exterior stack are secured correctly along the entire run. Also maintain required clearances at all penetrations (side wall and roof if running through the soffit); you should be able to get that from the B-vent / double wall vent pipe manufacturer.
To properly calculate the vent stack dimensions and clearances above the roof surface you should use Gama Tables at - http://icpindexing.toddsit.com/documents/003046/gama%20vent%20tab.pdf - I suggest to first read the intro section (pages 1-7 before the tables), after that scroll down to page 19 / example 1, use table #2 for calculations.
Let me now if you need more help, just click “comment” below.
answered by darekrudy (21,730 points)