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how close to a roof vent can you place a wood stove chimney flue

0 votes
how close to a roof vent can you place a wood stove chimney flue
asked in House Chimney by fyrfly (120 points)
edited by darekrudy
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1 Answer

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Hi Fyrfly,
You can click this link to my post - http://checkthishouse.com/2691/solid-woodcoal-fuel-burning-stove-chimney-venting.html which should answer your questions, or follow this link to IRC (International Residential Code) - http://publicecodes.cyberregs.com/icod/irc/2009/icod_irc_2009_10_sec001.htm where you find more details about the wood stove venting including drawings.
The short version is this (bold and underlined section):
The minimum height of the wood/coal stove or the fireplace chimney (masonry or metal) would be 3’ above the roof surface and 2’ above anything within 10’ – of course, you can go higher, which usually improves draft. 
Let me know if you have more questions, just click “comment” below.
answered by darekrudy (21,730 points)