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Installing a chimney outside of house

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Our house has a flat roof, in Toronto, Canada (cold climate). Total area of the first and second floor together is 1300 sf.

The gas furnace and gas water heater are in the middle of the basement and the present chimney runs through the middle of the living room and the bricks around it are deteriorated.

Although the previous owners had a new liner installed, it is single wall liner.

I would like to move this chimney to the outside of the house and remove the old one from the middle of the living room.

My question is, is stainless steel double walled 6" chimney that rises above the roof by 2' be sufficient?
asked in House Chimney by chittar (130 points)
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1 Answer

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Hi Chittar,

2' should be sufficient assuming that there is no vertical wall within 8' from this chimney, a parapet wall for example. In such case the chimney would have to extend at least 2' above that parapet wall. There are some pictures in my post here - http://checkthishouse.com/2418/gas-appliance-chimney-placement-and-termination.html .

Since the new chimney will be almost completely exposed, as opposed to your old enclosed one, make sure it has correct dimensions / diameter (include all elbows, appliances BTU's, and horizontal connectors into your calculations) so it provides sufficient draft during the winter. Gama tables at http://icpindexing.toddsit.com/documents/003046/gama%20vent%20tab.pdf should be helpful.

answered by darekrudy (21,730 points)