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How can I get my garage door to open in hot weather?

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I have recently had my garage door (only) replaced.  The door will open and close with difficulty  in the morning  and evening using the remote.  however, the door, which faces west, will not open in the hot afternoon.  I can hear the receiver clicking but the door won't move.  The sensor lights are on solid (aligned).  If I push the inside button next the door, the door will open and close with out a problem.  From that point on the door will open and close with the remote.  I have checked the alignment of the sensors and all seems OIK.
asked in Car Garage by stevemoore45 (120 points)
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1 Answer

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Hi Steve,

If the garage door opener always responds properly to the hard wired push button, the fault appears to be at the electronic board or maybe the at the relay that activates opener as soon as you push the remote's button.

The electronic board or the relay may have a faulty section / bad or loose connector / poor soldering, which while expanding and contracting during temperature and maybe humidity level changes doesn't act as it supposed to. 

Once you activate the garage door opener with a hard wired push button that faulty connection might re-engage and start acting properly again (I'm just guessing).

Another thing I would suggest is to try operating your door manually. If it doesn't open from the remote control, disonnect the opener arm and try to lift the door up. You should be able to lift it easily all the way up.


Do not disconnect the opener while the garage door is in open position unless you know the its springs tension has been properly adjusted / always test on a close door!

answered by darekrudy (21,730 points)