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gfci- is LED light supposed to be on when there is power for all types of gfci

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Is LED light supposed to be lit when power is on for all manufacturers of GFCI outlets?
asked in GFCI / AFCI by glhunt1lusfiber-net (120 points)
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1 Answer

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It depends on its manufacturer; I have two different brands of GFCI's installed in my home, one made by Laviton (I actually have two different designs by Leviton / both with indicator lights) and one by Pass & Seymour.
Laviton’s GFCI has an indicator light that stays green when properly wired and active (power ON), the light goes OFF as soon as the power goes OFF / you push test button.
Pass & Seymour’s indicator light (at least in my model) stays OFF when the GFCI is functional and turns red when you push test button / the power goes OFF.
Check the brand, go to their website and read the manual, it should state the features / behavior of the indicator. I remember seeing GFCI with light changing color from green to red / orange as well, I’m just not sure of the brand.
answered by darekrudy (21,730 points)