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What would cause a 20A double pole GFCI breaker serving UF to pump house to continue tripping?

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UF cable has two hot lines, both running through the GFCI breaker.  Lines not shorted.  One circuit serves a 1 hp water pump.  Other circuit serves a receptacle and a light.  Power comes on initially when all loads are deactivated.  The breaker trips when any of the loads are switched on.

The pump is in a 6' galvanized steel culvert section mounted vertically in the ground.  The ground wire is bonded to the metal because the metal boxes with the wiring are screwed to the wall.

I temporarilly wired a regular non-GFCI breaker in place of the GFCI unit and all works well.  What am I missing?

asked in GFCI / AFCI by darrylde (120 points)
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1 Answer

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Hi Darrylde,
It could be faulty GFCI breaker but most likely is the fact that you are sharing a neutral between the two circuits (branch circuits). It is OK on a non-GFCI protected circuit; however, for a GFCI breaker to operate properly, it needs to have a dedicated neutral attached to it. Sharing neutral between those two circuits causes “leaks”, makes it unbalanced and results in nuisance activation / tripping of your breaker.
Simply put, a single pole GFCI breaker is not designed to protect multi wire branch circuit. You either need a double pole GFCI breaker, which can be quite expensive, or replace your single pole GFCI with a regular circuit breaker and properly install GFCI outlet receptacles at both ends of the branch circuit.
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answered by darekrudy (21,730 points)