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Wood burning stove chimney placement relative to a 2nd stage propane regulator.

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Our house currently uses propane for heat.  The 2nd stage regulator services a propane run through the side of the house into the basement.  The ideal place for our new wood burning stove is on the first floor directly above the propane run in the basement. The chimney run for the wood burning stove would exit the first floor through the side wall approximately seven feet directly above where the regulator line feeds into the basement.  The regulator was properly installed by a licensed propane technician.  The question that I have is whether or not this would violate any codes or pose any particular danger?   Propane is heavier than air and the vent on the regulator is pointing down.  Can we install the wood burning stove as I described, safely and without violating any codes?
asked in House Chimney by coldwinter (130 points)
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1 Answer

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Hi Coldwinter,
Because building codes vary the best answer to your question would be from your local building department / code enforcement authorities. I have no idea where are you located and which codes have been adopted / enforced in your area. 
In Chicago IL (following National Fuel Gas Code guidelines) the gas service regulator outlet cannot be located less than 3 feet from a source of ignition which includes electrical circuit breaker boxes, meters, and receptacles, and from any source of heat that may damage the regulator. 
7 feet distance to the vent pipe is more than twice the requirement (I’m assuming this is just the area where this pipe penetrates house wall, angles up, and travels above the roof) shouldn’t be a problem but I would definitely contact some local professional (HVAC, plumber, building inspector) to make sure that there are no exceptions applicable to this rule in your area.
answered by darekrudy (21,730 points)
Thanks for the response.

You interpreted my ramblings perfectly.

I will definately contact a professional for their determination... it, however, will not be our propane supplier.  Their rule of thumb (quoting their propane department manager) is: "We won't install a regulator within 20 feet of any type of exhaust / heat source."

Their installer said that they take this stance just to eliminate their liability.

The regulator, however, is already installed.  If after consulting with the county building codes department and a local hvac pro, the light is green, then I will get the wood burning stove installed so I can start consuming the 15 cord of hardwood I have accumulated from our land over the last three years.

Thanks for your input!