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GFI trips when 2 ungrounded light fixtures are wired to the GFI

0 votes
How can I ground both porcialin light fixtures ?
asked in Electrical by shorty (120 points)
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1 Answer

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Hi Shorty,
Well, there might be several reasons but I don’t know much about your installation. 
  1. You didn’t explain how those fixtures are wired (load side, line side of the receptacle)
  2. Did you check their wiring; is it inside the wall and can be pulled out from a conduit for evaluation
  3. Did you check light fixture sockets and electrical connections?
  4. When is the GFCI receptacle tripping; when you are attempting to turn the light fixture (or both) ON or it trips in OFF position as well?
  5. How are those fixtures wired; does the wire travel from the GFCI outlet (again, which side: feed or line) to one fixtures and then continuous to another or maybe both fixtures have separate feeds.
  6. Did you test GFCI outlet itself using a tester or just pushing the TEST button
  7. Is your electrical system grounded: do you have grounding conductor inside the GFCI box / what type of wiring is your house using (metal conduit with wires pulled through it, flexible metal with ground wire, flexible plastic with grounding conductor, metal or plastic without grounding conductor? You can check this post - GFCI without ground
The answer to your question may be somewhere above or it might simply be a defective / too-sensitive GFCI outlet receptacle. Let me know, just click “comment” below.
answered by darekrudy (21,730 points)