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water in vent pipe in attic

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Hello ,

 I had an issue with a vent pipe above my bathroom that I just discovered the pvc pipes were not properly glued together ,

It seems that this pipe has been leaking water over my exhaust fan for yrs  in a slow drip .

I have a 2 story house,

If this is a fresh air vent pipe , why would there be water in the attic ? All the diagrams/ videos   dont show that the water level in the vent pipe shouldnt be higher than the highest sinks  . I am not sure if there is another issue that i am missing .

Also when I sit in room under bathroom I hear what sounds like a dripping in the walls but there is no water .  What would make pipes make noises like that ?

Any help would be appreciated ,.
asked in Plumbing by cama81z (120 points)
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1 Answer

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Hi Cama81z,
I’m a little confused… what is this PVC vent pipe? 
For the plumbing vent and a furnace exhaust gasses vent it is normal for condensation to appear on interior walls of the pipe. Simply because there’s a water vapor in sewer gases and high efficiency furnaces exhaust. Also, if those pipes are properly installed / pitched (no dips, sags) there should be no condensation accumulating – everything should flow back into the sewer / furnace.
Power vented water heater doesn’t normally produce condensation but in a cold attic environment it may happen. Again, it should flow back to the water heater.
Dripping inside wall; might be another improperly installed pipe that holds water and any excess of water drips over the edge. It could be some leaking water pipe as well; maybe it drips into some area that prevents detection… difficult to say without further “investigation”.
answered by darekrudy (21,730 points)