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Problem with seeing eye sensor, which I just replaced on Sears 1/2 hp garage door opener.

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Wire broke right at the plug on the sensor. Sears does not supply replacement wire with plug attached.  Had to buy two new sensors even though there was nothing wrong with the old one. Replaced one new eye buy splicing existing wire to new sensor. Green light is on and unit worked okay for one day. Green lights on both sensors are still okay, but door only moves a few inches and then stops. This is the case using either the remotes or the button installed on the garage wall.  Do I need to replace BOTH sensors? Do I need to reprogram sensors?
asked in Car Garage by bob-bartok (120 points)
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1 Answer

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Hi Bob,

Difficult to say, if those garage door sensors are identical to the old ones and if they worked fine after having just one of them replaced, everything should be OK… but apparently it isn’t.

I’d start from some basic steps to determine what’s going on with the opener:

  1. Check the garage door spring(s) integrity. Sometimes the spring breaks and the opener doesn’t have enough power to lift its weight.
  2.  If the spring(s) is OK / with the door fully closed / disconnect the opener ‘s arm and try to operate the garage door manually to make sure that there’s no obstruction and it’s going up and down smoothly - no heavy lifting!. 
  3. With the garage overhead door disconnected from the opener (try it in fully open and closed position of the door to make sure that door itself doesn’t break the beam on its way up) test the opener’s operation. Does it work or it stops almost immediately after you push the button?

 Let me know when you are done with test, just click “comment” below.

answered by darekrudy (21,730 points)