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Oil leaking sump pump

0 votes
From Mike:

Hi, Ive had my sump pump burn out and I definitely had some oil mixed with the standing water. Have had pumps burn out before but not encountered this problem. Is there an oil seal that can fail on these pumps ? Also, any great ideas on how to remove the oil -I can smell it and feel it , you can spot the bubbles in the water – its on a concrete floor in a Michigan , stone wall type basement. Thank you !!
asked in Sump Pump by darekrudy (21,730 points)
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1 Answer

0 votes
Hi Mike & Mike


The seal (washer / oil sling) that sometimes fails is at the bottom / around the rotor’s shaft. I’ve seen some cracked pump assemblies as well, most likely due to overheating / operating in an empty well because of the sump pump switch malfunctioning.

As Mike D. mentioned, manual cleaning would be the best choice. There are various oil absorbents (from water) you can use, just search for “oil absorbents” in Google. Hopefully there are no significant deposits inside the drain tile. Ventilation of the area will help as well.

I just hope those sump pump well oil issues aren’t related to any underground oil tanks, I’ve had a couple of such incidents during my home inspections, where an old, underground oil tank started leaking and contaminated drain tile system.
answered by darekrudy (21,730 points)