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Chimney has condensation on the inside of the home

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The oustide of the chimney has been sealed to weather proof and still condensation is coming into the house. wondering if i should re-route the furnance duct from chimney or what?

asked in House Chimney by idanelak91 (120 points)
edited by darekrudy
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1 Answer

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I’ll answer your question but there are too many variables that might be responsible for the condition you’re describing.
Could you please describe how is this condensation coming into the house? Is it leaking from the base of your chimney or entering your home in some other way.
There are more questions which I need to have answers to in order to respond to yours;
  1. Does your chimney have 3 walls exposed and one common with the house?
  2. How many and what type of appliances are connected to this chimney? (gas, oil, solid fuel, water heater and furnace, furnace only, etc.) 
  3. If you have a natural draft water heater, what is the diameter of its draft hood?
  4. If you have a power vent type water heater it shouldn’t be connected to a chimney
  5. What are the BTU’s for each of the appliances (this information is usually provided on the manufacturer’s tag attached to each appliance)
  6. What type of a furnace you have: natural draft (no motor assisting in exhaust gasses discharge), induced draft regular (motor assisted venting through a metal pipe) and high efficiency (motor assisted venting through a PVC pipe – this shouldn’t be discharging into a chimney)
  7. What is the diameter of the chimney’s interior / does’ it have a liner (if so, what material – metal, clay).
  8. You geographical location (I need to know your climate).
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answered by darekrudy (21,730 points)