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Garage door opener won't close the door.

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Door operner is a Lift-Master ATS211, build date 04/98, Part number 41A4252-7ATS, it operates a 11.5 ft wide by 12 ft high metal door. Yesterday when I operated the wall switch to close the door it came down about 1/2 way then reversed. I checked the sensors both are clear, both indicator lights are on and the left side light operats normal when something breakes the beam, I have cleaned both lenses.

The area light on the opener comes on when the button is opreated but the operator doesn't move.  On the back of the power unit there is a small light that blinks 5 times then pauses then blinks 5 again. this morning I took the wireless remote out of my truck and climbed up to the operator to inspect wiring.

When I push the wireless remote I here a click from the power unit but nothing moves, the motor doesn't make any attempt to start. I unplugged the power and repowered it, that didn't help.  

The unit has been operating fine, the door is not binding, I pulled the release rope and the door operates fine. the operator is parked at the full open position at this time.

Thank you for any help you can give me.
asked in Car Garage by les-hansen (120 points)
edited by darekrudy
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1 Answer

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Hi Les-Hansen,
I’m assuming that the opener’s motor doesn’t respond at all after the last half-travel and reverse: “When I push the wireless remote I hear a click form the power unit but nothing moves, the motor doesn't make any attempt to start.”
Since the LED light is blinking there might be a logic board problem or other component failure which is hidden behind the blinking code. Unfortunately the manual doesn’t list any codes for this particular model:  http://www.bearcatco.com/PDF_OPENERS/Liftmaster/ATS211.pdf. 
Some of the units are equipped with a safety lock feature but according to the manual this one requires an extra wall multi-function control (it’s basically a box with 3 buttons – page 30 of the manual, bottom / left corner – model 57LM) for the function to be activated. This feature blocks opener’s activation from any of the remote control units and from the wall push button and it is usually annouced by a blinking LED light. 
It may also be the motor itself, they do fail / burn over time as well and since this one doesn’t respond at all (except for the relay clicking noise) this might be just it. If the unit hasn’t been accidently locked you may need to call a professional for troubleshooting or install a new garage door opener. 
Just keep in mind that purchasing / replacement of broken parts (electronic board, motor) in an older garage door opener might be more expensive than getting a new one.
answered by darekrudy (21,730 points)
Thank you for your response.  After more troubleshooting I found a bad solder joint on the circuit board, after cleaning and resoldering the connection every thing is working fine. LiftMaster Tech Support wasn't of much help as they gave me information on how to adjust the down force on the unit, the unit would not work to exert down force.

I'm glad you were able to pin point and correct this garage opener problem. Great job!