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How much clearance is required between chimney cleanout and the ground?

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I would like to put a wood furnace in my basement.  To run a chimney out of the basement wall near the cieling,  I was wondering how close to the ceiling can the double wall chimney pipe be that goes through the wall.  Also, where the pipe goes through the wall and exits outside, I would like to put in a cleanout tee.  How high above the ground level, or how much clearance is required from the chimney pipe and the surrounding earth?  Can the chimney come through the basement wall below ground level with a terraced pit?  Thanks in advance.
asked in House Chimney by btsayles (140 points)
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1 Answer

0 votes
Hi Btsayles,

I need to know the brand and the model of the wood furnace because they use different types of venting, require different clearances, etc. From your desription it appears that you're not planning to use a chimney, just a side wall venting?

Please, give some details about this appliance.
answered by darekrudy (21,730 points)