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Fuel oil tank inside building installation next to furnace

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Can a factory built wood burning furnace be installed in the same room as a fuel oil tank?

Fuel oil furnace and fuel oil tank would be on opposite sides of room from wood furnace.  Separate flues.  In basement with all cinderblock walls.  I could block in two separate rooms to seperate the two if necessary.
asked in Heating System by btsayles (140 points)
edited by darekrudy
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1 Answer

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Hi Btsayles
Based on IRC (International Residential Code) and NFPA 31 (National Fire Protection Association) the only limitation for indoor oil tanks installation in a vicinity of fuel burning appliances is: 
A paragraph from 2009 IRC (same as 2012 IRC and NFPA 31 requirements)
M2201.2.1 Tanks within buildings. Supply tanks for use inside of buildings shall be of such size and shape to permit installation and removal from dwellings as whole units. Supply tanks larger than 10 gallons (38 L) shall be placed not less than 5 feet (1524 mm) from any fire or flame either within or external to any fuel-burning appliance.
You have to remember to provide sufficient amount of combustion air for fuel burning appliances to support clean burning process and I would highly recommend (unfortunately not required in some jurisdictions) installation of a Carbon Monoxide alarm, or verify the location, age, and functionality of the existing one.
You can find that information in my articles: Combustion air and Carbon Monoxide alarm locations
answered by darekrudy (21,730 points)
Thank you for the information.  I couldn't find anything that pertained to what I was asking.  It helps to look in the right place which was fuel storage and not the fireplace.  Either way, intake air is from outside, and have CO detectors.  Thanks again.
You are welcome, I'm glad I was able to help.