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I have fans under my house. When they run, my house smells like dirt. Were they installed correctly?

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We don't have a big moisture problem under the house - installing the fans was more of a precaution. There are 3 fans directing the air towards the vents. They run on a timer. They've been there for about a month, running every day for 7 hours.

Now, when the fans run, our house smells like dirt when there is any moisture in the air (fog, rain, etc). Will this go away? Is this evidence that the fans weren't installed correctly? I'm thinking of having the whole underside of the house insulated because I'm about to have a baby and I'm worried about what this all implies. Would love your input!
asked in House Ventilation by lhollin (120 points)
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1 Answer

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Hi Ihollin,

Before I answer, could you give me some more deatils about your crawlspace;

  1. Are there any openings between the crawlspace and your house area, gaps around the pipes that penetrate your floor, gaps around floor heat registers, etc.?
  2. Are there any air ducts in the crawlspace, if so, did you check for loose seams or registers that might be installed in that area?
  3. Is there a forced air circulating system (furnace, air filtering unit, air handles) in the crawlspace
  4. How are those fans installed / positioned in the crawlspace? Did you have regular fans placed some distance from the side wall vents or fans are installed in the vent openings?
  5. How many vent openings do you have?
  6. How is the crawlspace's floor finished - dirt or vapor barrier / plastic, etc.

Please let me know, just click "comment" below.

answered by darekrudy (21,730 points)