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Leakage from attic, mold and mildew

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From Sherry

We had a room added to our moblie home about 10 years ago, we have noticed some leaking in the room. We have already removed the sheetrock and replaced it with new, after we thought we fixed the leak and cleaned all the mold and mildew.

We now have leaking and mold and mildew again. When we took the sheetrock off the ceiling in the closet of the room, if was very hot and humid. Do we need some kind of fan and not a ridge vent. Please help. We think the mold and mildew is making our daughter have headaches and get sick easily.
asked in Attic Area by darekrudy (21,730 points)
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1 Answer

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Hi Sherry,

It’s difficult for me to answer your question since you didn’t provide any information about the roof on your mobile home. Things like its shape, type of vents installed on top (if any), does it have overhang (soffit) and vent registers underneath, is there an access to the space (attic) above the ceiling?

Was there any insulation on the ceiling when you removed its section? What’s the condition of your roof above that leaking area, are there any penetrations directly above that section of your home? Skylights, plumbing vents, etc.?

Based on your computer IP location you’re based in northern Florida so cold winters shouldn’t be an issue.

Since you have stated that after sheetrock removal it was hot and humid in that space above the ceiling there could be attic ventilation / air circulation problem, kitchen and / or bathroom, clothes dryer vents discharging into the attic.

Depending on your roof shape and its design, different types of vents can be installed to improve those humid conditions. Try to answer all of my questions above and snap a few pictures of the exterior of your mobile home’s roof / forward it to me.

Thank you.
answered by darekrudy (21,730 points)