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Can you vent a wood burning stove with 2 90 degree angles?

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I am looking at installing a wood burning stove and was wondering if it was acceptable to have 2 90 degree angles in my chimney?  We will be installing an all metal chimney.  Is it acceptable to have this chimney be in contact with anything or will it become too hot and pose a fire hazard?

The wood burning stove will be on a tiled area.  What are guidelines for how large this tiled area should extend away from the fireplace?

Also there is a window directly behind where the wood burning stove will be installed.  Does this window need to be removed for safety or can it remain?


Here is a horrible drawing that I did to give a better idea of my question.  I would ensure that the chimney goes 3' above the roof line which is not clearly shown in the drawing.


asked in House Chimney by msk0230 (120 points)
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1 Answer

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Hi msk0230,
This post - wood burning stove chimney should answer most of your questions. 
Use no more than two 90° elbows (one above the stove and one on exterior), just make sure that the horizontal section of the pipe will rise at least ¼” per foot with the highest point being at the thimble / wall penetration.
Chimney clearance to wall finishes will depend on the type of the chimney you’re going to purchase and on the wall finish itself. For non-combustible finishes i.e., stone, brick, and cinder block that clearance requirement will be most likely “0”. For any combustible materials stove chimney clearance might be 2” like for this DuraTech stainless steel chimney system -http://www.duravent.com/Product.aspx?hProduct=2 or some different value
As for the window I’m not aware of any laws preventing it from being installed behind the stove. It might become an issue if this is the only window in that area of your home that can be used for emergency (fire, etc.) egress (for a fireman) or exit for the occupants. Depending on its exact location it may also look awkward to have a chimney installed in front of a window… 
I can’t see any drawings after clicking at your link, just a set of drawing tools.
Let me know if you have more questions, just click “comment” below.
answered by darekrudy (21,730 points)