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Cellular core PVC pipes in heating and plumbing

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ldobbs says:
September 2, 2011 at 11:58 am
Hello- I had my hot water heater replaced yesterday and the plummer informed my that I had several “cellular core” PVC pipes in my water heating system as well as my HVAC system, mixed in with “the good stuff”. He advised me to have the “cellular core” replaced. Is this necessary??
asked in Plumbing by darekrudy (21,730 points)
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1 Answer

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Hello Lynn
Both types of PVC pipes (solid or cellular core) are interchangeable. There might be some local rules that would prevent usage of cellular core PVC pipes in some applications but you’d have to verify that with your building department.
As far as quality of the cellular core PVC pipes, they are actually stronger than the solid core PVC, much lighter, and have a longer life span. If properly installed / supported / jointed together there should cause no problems. I’d simply ask your plumber to explain why he is suggesting replacement of those PVC pipes. Please let me know what he says.
answered by darekrudy (21,730 points)