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Can a two wood burning stoves and a oil burner be vented in the same chimney?

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Hi Mellen,

You cannot mix solid fuel (wood) combustion exhaust gasses with oil or natural gas appliances exhaust. Each type of fuel must be vented into a separate flue inside a single chimney or two separate chimneys (Oil and Gas appliance venting into a single chimney flue is OK).

Another issue is venting two wood stoves into a single chimney flue; A solid-fuel-burning appliance or fireplace shall not connect to a chimney passageway venting another appliance.

This means one stove (fireplace) per chimney or per flue.  It's too difficult to control draft with multiple wood burning appliances connected to a single flue, and it is dangerous!

answered by darekrudy (21,730 points)
Thank you for your prompt and informative help on this matter.
You are welcome Mellen. That's what I'm here for :-).