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How to prevent and remove stains on walls?

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Carrie says:
June 30, 2011 at 4:30 pm

I don’t recall these stains when I bought the house 4.5yrs ago, they seemed to gradually appear. It was often very cold in the winter when I 1st moved & I was told & shown there was no insulation (in/through crawl to attic area), so I had insulation blown (w/some layers laid) in these areas.

The stains are the worst in the room I’m in the most however they appear to be in most, if not all rooms (bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.). Thick black dust/soot hangs on ceiling fans, drapes, blings, lays on shelves, stacked towels, t.v.s, windows (mostly white surfaces & glass). I’ve stopped burning candles. It looks horrible, people ask if I had a fire or have mold.

I love my house but this makes me wonder what I missed, didn’t check or if I got suckered; makes me concerned for me & my Pugs lungs/breathing/health. Please, any help you can give would be very greatly appreciated.

I want to paint but don’t want to simply hide/cover, I want it resolved. Is there a type of specialist or professional that I could call to consult with and possible assist with pevention & removal?

Thank you so very much
asked in Interior Walls by darekrudy (21,730 points)
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1 Answer

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Hello Carrie,
Could you tell me what type of a heating system you have (forced air, hot water radiators / steam, electric, gas, oil, etc.) and how old is it?
answered by darekrudy (21,730 points)
I have a gas furnace & it was purchased just before I bought the house (November 2006)...so just about 6.5yrs old.  Thanks much, Carrie