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How do you clear a plumbing vent which might be plugged?

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My bathroom basin (and sometimes the bathrub drain) gurgle when using the kitchen sink.  I am aware that they are 'joined' which probably isn't a good idea but I am a tenant.  I have used some heavy duty drain cleaner in both 'sinks' but the noise continues.  Was told to check the plumbing vent.  Landlord did so, found 'small' blockage and cleared it.  No change.  Is it possible to 'snake' or clear the vent pipe?  Something tells me that snaking the bathroom basin won't solve the problem.

Any help will be greatly appreciated...the gurgling is driving me nutso!

asked in Plumbing by amigarigirl (120 points)
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1 Answer

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Hi Janet,
Please check answers to similar questions following links: gurgling toilet & gurgling basement toilet. They are about gurgling toilets but the general idea is pretty much the same. In your case it could be improperly designed / positioned or clogged plumbing vent, or partially clogged drain pipe, but without a plumber investigating this situation it might be impossible to come up with a solution.
Getting into the vent using plumbing fixture drain (sewer clean-out rod) is rarely possible because pipe connections are shaped / curved / designed that way. It’s possible to get to sections of the plumbing vent from the roof but all depends on its design. In some cases only a vertical vent stack might be accessible without taking apart wall sections.
answered by darekrudy (21,730 points)