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Can I run a drain pipe along the outside of the separation wall in my garage?

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I want to move the washing machine to the other end of my garage.  The garage is attached to the house and I understand that the wall between them is a seperation wall and needs to maintain a specific fire rating.  Unfortionatly it is not possible to run the pipe under the house at the new location so I need to run it about 15 feet in the garage to where it can tie into an existing drain by going through the seperation wall and into the crawl space under the house.

The drain pipe is too big to run inside the wall so I would like to know if I can run it on the outside of the seperation wall inside the garage?

If so what type of material can I use for the pipe?

Will ABS or does it need to be something else?

What do I need to do where the pipe penetrates the wall to go under the house?

Is Fire rated cauking around the pipe enough?

Can I run copper supply lines along the same wall?

The house is located in Santa Cruz, CA.
asked in Plumbing by ravean (120 points)
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